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Here’s how to win at flu season and avoid getting sick

Today's Top Stories October 18, 2017


Liar liar pants on fire: 5 ways to spot bulls**t in the workplace

If your workplace is a den of lying, here are some tips to help you recognize the signs and how best to react.


Eight habits of highly emotionally intelligent people

The road to success is paved with emotional intelligence -- the “something” in each of us that affects how we manage behavior, navigate social complexities, and make personal decisions that achieve positive results.


What can men do to support women in the workplace and at home?

For greater equality women have to support men as caretakers to the same degree that men support women in the workplace.


5 ways to be a good manager of your former coworkers

Out of all your coworkers who applied for a promotion, you were chosen. So where does that leave your relationships with them now that you're their manager?


How to lower your bills: Tips from the FBI’s top hostage negotiator

How to lower your bills by using the same persuasive techniques as an FBI hostage negotiator.


What not to do when writing email subject lines

Don't make these subject line mistakes the next time you're about to send someone an email message in the workplace.

Office Life

This is the secret behind top teams’ best ideas

Debate — not lockstep agreement — is the secret recipe for a high-performing team, a new six-year study has found.


5 things to do after getting a bad performance review

But before you lash out after a bad performance review, take a deep breath and remember you have options on how to respond.


This is Shake Shack founder Danny Meyer’s one big tip on how to handle clients

The best experience Shake Shack's Danny Meyer can give his customers is to make them feel important. Here's his best tip on managing clients.


This is why you can’t rely on whisper networks to stop the Harvey Weinsteins of your workplace

Employees facing backlash can resort to backchannel warnings about threatening coworkers.

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